You can call me Alda. I’m 22 years old and I was born in 2010. I’m “comming“ you from 2032 thanks to the scalable inverse timeline feature on ZagZig, the largest social network since Facebook, TikTok, and most other legacy players were dismantled in 2027 due to global regulatory restrictions, privacy violations, and trust issues. ZagZig never collects personal data or has paid advertising. I pay a subscription fee that I earn back with likes, dislikes, comments, and purchases that are managed by an integrated blockchain ledger and crypto-payment system managed by Alphabet.

Since the collapse of the $200B social media display advertising market in 2028, the market has relied on mass influencers to sell consumer-grade products, which where I come in.

You see, I’m a registered professional consumer, one of the 68 percent of humans gigging in that role. The other 32 percent are creators and their products are what I identify, select, procure, and endorse. Of course, they also consume but lack the registered certification. When I endorse a performer, a shirt, or a virtual adventure, I get the credit that enables me to buy other essentials like water, food, and transportation. The creators get credit when their output is procured. My endorsements are tracked through blockchain so they are secure and they credit me with Zcash. My world revolves around earning credit and I am jacked into the net 247 with my devices. The net has become supplemental to my five senses and actually is morphing into a sixth sense. More about that later.

In fact, my very awareness is network-based. The earth was fully converted to 5G technology in 2024 and 6G is rolling out now. My 5G presence is supplied by the transceiver/antenna implant that is tooth number 22. This implant was installed by Verizon. They give me credit for acting as a mobile hotspot. I can control my transceiver to sleep, but I am online most of the time. After a few weeks, with the aid of the Somnum app, I was able to manage my online presence in my sleep. With my current 5G capability, I experience zero latency, possibly because any latency is extremely consistent, therefore it becomes my baseline. I’m looking forward to 6G, which will enable me to be fully immersed in the net.

My hearing is supplemented with AIADs (Augmented Intelligent Audio Device) that provide multiple sensory supplements. They are deep and invisible implants that replace the outmoded earbuds, headphones, and hearing aids we used a decade ago.

My AIADs provide geospatial support. For example, they emit a warning if I step off a curb into oncoming traffic. Indeed, they provide 3600 intrusion protection. AIADs are also personal assistants, compatible with the universal SmartAssist standards set in 2023. They also deliver “pure” audio entertainment and learning experiences. By pure I mean uncompressed, full bandwidth, immersive, smart surround sound. With the advent of Omni-bandwidth digital delivered from 0-infinity MHz, even though my ears can only perceive 25-20,000 MHz, the additional vibrations add to my experience.

One drawback of high-frequency availability is that it can be used to subliminally influence behavior. I can avoid this intrusion by either opting out of the high band frequencies with my AIAD or listening to premium channels with clear high bands. I can augment my audio experience with soundware accessories like wearable speakers and even clothing speakers that play only to me. My clothing provides power using nanotechnology generators combined with solar-powered threads.

My eyesight is augmented with IRIS (Intelligent Retina Information System) smart contact lenses that have a cognitive spectrum to enable reality to range from virtual to augmented to unaided. Indeed, the IRIS will augment my limited sight bandwidth to include the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. The contacts interact with my hotspot tooth and my  AIADs to provide immersive sight-sound experiences. I also hire out as a mobile surveillance camera, providing real-time video on assignment.

I have tattoos. They are not only a personal statement, but they are also electroconductive monitors for my mental and physical health. My tatts turn this data into themes that help shape the entertainment options, playlists, visual sensations, video, that will form mood-maps to draw from and surround me with that ambiance. They also interact with drug patches that enhance my mood and performance.

So far, my senses of touch, smell, and taste remain analog. However, my digital self does interact with my analog self through natural pathways in my brain. So there are incremental changes impacting my perception on both the analog and digital planes. My physical brain is learning the enhanced signals from my devices, while my devices are constantly learning my behaviors, preferences, and anticipating my next acts, therefore, augmenting my intelligence, awareness, perceptions, and performance.

All my appliances are IoT Consortia 2030 compatible and work seamlessly together using Bluetooth 10.0, which features very low power draw, multi-device support, and high intrusion protection. This enables me to find the best of class bio-enhancement products and acquire multiple endorsements.

These appliances give me a competitive advantage in my career as a professional consumer, but I need regular updating to stay relevant in my field. If I have a malfunction –  hardware, software, or wetware failure – I can be remotely accessed, diagnosed, and dispatched to a mediware facility if necessary.

I am a successful influencer, consumer and socially involved world citizen. My bio-enhancements have provided a gateway into my career, shaped my personal life. I am content – in both meanings of the term.

So am I thing on the internet? Am I a cyborg? I’m not sure, but I sense that clarity is right around the corner.

A note from the transceiver of this message:

I may or may not receive any more messages from Alda. I hope I do, and if so I will post them here.

Following is a quiz to assess your reaction to this post. If I have an opportunity to “comm” forward to Alda, I can relay and perhaps confirm your opinions.

  1. Is Alda a cyborg? (A cyborg, a contraction of “cybernetic organism”, is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts.)
  2. Will humans prefer the augmented capabilities identified above?
  3. Is the future of audio and entertainment a mash-up of mass customization?
  4. Do you see a shift in “free” social media towards a subscription model?
  5. Will the gig economy become the standard employment model of the future?
  6. Will there be a ‘Luddite’ backlash that further divides the digital and analog lifestyles?
  7. Who won the World Series in 2022?