A3E has a direct and simple mission: to understand where the future of Content Creation (music, advanced audio, video, gaming, film, social media, etc.), as A3E defines as Digital Artistry, is headed. A3E looks at both the creative tools impacting Content Creation (instruments, technologies, hardware, software, platforms) and the business impacts of the art and content (fan and consumer consumption and experiences, royalties, market drivers, and revenue streams and opportunities). A3E explores The Future of Music + Entertainment Technology™.

A3E is constantly evolving to provide an Exchange of information, data, intelligence, market analysis, Research & Development, a catalyst for product development, as well as the creation and nurturing of relationships through A3E’s current and planned platforms of Research, Events, Industry Partnerships and Advisory Services.

A3E uniquely focuses on 3 crucial communities in its exploration of the future of entertainment technology, and this aspect of A3E’s focus creates an Exchange for the generation of new Digital Artistry tools and both the creative and business impact they will create on the industry:

  A3E's Key Communities: Artists, Developers, Entertainment Manufacturers & Technologies.

A3E further provides individuals and organizations intelligence, perspective and guidance of the business impact from the new creative tools, the new  content that is being created, and their impact on the future of entertainment technology and their fans and consumers through A3E Research + Advisory Services (ARAS). ARAS looks at the Exchange and impact of these communities, including the disruptive forces that each creates within and upon each other:


“In a field of rapid technological changes, the dialog between developers and early adopters is one of the key elements to connect theory with practical use. It is equally important for the user to understand what will be possible, as it is for the developer to understand what will be useful. A3E is ideally positioned to foster this exchange of ideas, to help establish and preview a landscape of future production environments.”

Paul Haslinger, Composer

“A3E is a powerful and essential forum for the discussion and application of new ideas and modalities for the creation of modern music and musical instruments. It’s a thrilling environment to participate in and I always leave with valuable information about something coming that was off my radar. “

BT, Artist, Visionary Producer, Film Composer & Technologist


The A3E mission and its genesis… A great overview from A3E’s launch, and from the perspective of artists, developers and manufacturers. The mission validated and supported by the target A3E communities. A3E simply wants to help advance the tools, businesses and ecosystems of Digital Artistry and Entertainment Technology.


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The flagship A3E Event offers an ‘Exchange’ platform where the industry gathers to discuss and see the future of new music and audio applications and technologies.

The A3E Event offers three dedicated tracks; 1. the A3E ADC™: Audio Developers Conference, 2. the A3E P2™: Production + Performance Conference, and 3. the A3E PMBS™: Product, Market, and Business Strategies Conference. Each Conference offers dedicated educational and strategy content for each of A3E’s core audiences. A3E’s MasterMind Keynotes, Deep Dive Sessions and its Architects of Audio Series provide world-class speakers, and forward-thinking topics in order to Exchange ideas, information and forge new relationships.

A3E Events

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A3E Summits are condensed versions of the A3E Event where A3E’s target audiences are gathered (collectively or individually) for usually a one day program of intense keynotes, panels and sessions.

A3E Summits are also run collaboratively at other industry events in order to again, foster the exchange new ideas, forge new business relationships, and provide A3E’s unique brand of thought leadership on the future of audio.

A3E Events

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A3E Executive / R&D Summits are intimate, business-to-business forums with a mission of providing a first look at new technology, information, and products to a highly targeted, pre-qualified audience of music technologists.

These invite only programs and their sessions provide a unique, boardroom setting that enable and foster intelligence gathering, channel/product development, and key relationship building. The roles and responsibilities of our invitees include key personnel heading up areas of designing, creating, investing and bringing to market next generation music technologies.

To host and secure your A3E boardroom email: pauls@A3Exchange.com

A3E Events

A3E, A3E Research and A3E Summits + Events operate and conduct their practices as an independent, unbiased, objective and agnostic industry resource, with the primary goal of providing realistic, actionable, practicable business insights, information, as well as educational programming and content.