A3E Research + Advisory Services™ (ARAS™), delivered by and through Sitarian Corporation, provides world-class, forward-thinking, next generation technology and business research insights, as well as supporting advisory services, for clients developing or utilizing advanced audio applications, music and entertainment technologies, and new content creation tools shaping the future of the businesses, markets, and their strategies reliant upon them.

A3E Research gathers key industry information, data, and intelligence concerning the Future of Audio + Music Technology™. This intelligence is used as part of A3E’s efforts to analyze trends, issues, challenges and possible solutions and then provide this to its communities and relevant industries.

 ARAS looks at the Exchange and impact of the A3E communities and their associated content, products, technologies and services, including the disruptive forces that each creates within and upon each other:

A3E Technology Evolution + Impact Curve™ (ARAS Wave™)

In order to better understand the constant flow of new technologies and their impact on the Audio + Entertainment Technology Industries*, we have applied a methodology called the A3E Technology Evolution + Impact Curve™ to a visual representation that we have dubbed the ARAS Wave™. The ARAS Wave™ indexes the ‘market interest’ (Y axis) as technologies emerge, get adopted (or not), adapts to or displaces existing technologies, and is finally optimized from a business value, cultural, distribution channel, and specification / regulation / governance standards (X axis).

*ARAS defines the Audio + Entertainment Technology Industries to include the products, labor categories, creation technology, output technology, business processes, distribution channels, specification standards and regulations related to those marketplaces.

Our experience with ARAS Waves™ shows that each of these technologies will have sub-waves of their own. These iterations will have different shapes, durations, and other characteristics. We have plotted these as shown on Figure 2. Another dimension of these technology specific ARAS Waves™ is that they cannot always be neatly planned and plotted.

It is the nature of these technologies that they are subject to:

Unpredictable Timing

Unknown Initiation

Unexpected Impacts

A3E, A3E Research and A3E Summits + Events operate and conduct their practices as an independent, unbiased, objective and agnostic industry resource, with the primary goal of providing realistic, actionable, practicable business insights, information, as well as educational programming and content.