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A3E 2021: How Next Generation Content Creation is Reshaping the Entertainment Industry
NAMM Believe in Music Week – January 2021
Global Livestream: January 20  |  Marketplace: January 21–22  |  Believe in Music TV: January 21–22

Session 1: Coming January 2021, Day & Time TBA

Content Creation Platforms Pioneering New Music Industry Business Models

Filmmakers have always been required to obtain a licensing agreement that ensured appropriate payment and approval by the right holders before it could be synchronized to picture. This long-standing process is now changing for content creation platforms. Today, TikTok and Triller have secured the rights for the largest popular music catalogs to be made available for use in user generated video content, while emerging as the most influential marketing platforms on the planet.

Join A3E for a discussion about the evolving perspective of the music business on licensing, artist promotion, and influencer marketing through popular content creation platforms.

Session 2: Coming January 2021, Day & Time TBA

Live vs. Live Streaming: Has Technology Become Center Stage?

Many music industry veterans remember the year when ‘file sharing’ decimated the business of recorded music by offering an alternative to purchasing music. At the time, it seemed all-but-impossible to believe that consumer habits could change so drastically, that they would drive the industry into a fifteen-year recession and restructure.

Fast forward to 2020, where a new technology has taken root, this time for live events and concerts during a pandemic. Is ‘live streaming’ a temporary solution to bridge live music across the chasm of Covid-19, or will it permanently change consumer habits and reshape the future of live performance?

Join A3E to discuss the future of live streaming, and its impact on the road ahead for artists, concerts, and live music venues.

Session 3: Coming January 2021, Day & Time TBA

Applying the Principles of Gamification in Musical Instrument Design

Great musicianship requires focus, practice, repetition, muscle memory, and training. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of only eight seconds, and continues to trend downward. Is gamification a solution to teach music and content creation to the next generation of creatives?

Join A3E for an insightful discussion on the research and development behind designing musical instruments using the physical and emotional principles that drive hours of focused engagement time in gaming.

Session 4: Coming January 2021, Day & Time TBA

The Future of Entertainment Technology: Concerts in the Virtual World

The evolution of motion capture, visual effects, and 3D animation is bridging the divide between virtual and reality. While superstar athletes have been competing in video games for many years, we are now seeing a new trend emerge where marquee recording artists are performing virtually to the largest audiences in concert event history.

Will music and gaming merge, or is there something far bigger on the horizon? Join A3E for a discussion on the future of entertainment technology and its impact on the music industry.

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